Area Rugs

Learn about a product that is both very stylish and incredibly functional.

5 Benefits To Area Rugs

1. Instant Accents: If you know that one room of your home isn’t quite right, adding a rug is often the final touch that is needed. You can select a color, texture or design that contrasts with other decorative elements in the room or find a rug that perfectly matches the window treatment, throw pillows or furniture. It only takes a minute to roll out a rug, but the stylistic results are often dramatic.

2. Warmth: Area rugs can create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home, but they can also insulate your floors so that you save a little on your energy bill. If this is your primary goal, look for large, thick rugs to cover your hardwood or tile floors.

3. Rugged Protection: If you have an active family or often entertain, your flooring will start to show wear and tear in areas of heavy foot traffic. To protect your investment in flooring materials, add a quality rug or runner to those areas. The rug will absorb much of the abuse, reducing the time and money spent on floor repairs and maintenance.

4. Indulgence: You may prefer the look of hardwood or tile floors, but those flooring options aren’t the most comfortable. If you want to feel thick, soft carpet beneath your feet without covering your floors with wall-to-wall carpeting, add an area rug near your favorite sitting spots.

5. Flexibility:  You can’t pick up your carpeting and move it from one room to another, but you can move a high-quality rug whenever it suits your needs. One rug may start out in a baby’s nursery and move to the playroom when that baby grows into a toddler. You may purchase a rug for your living room and later decide that it looks better in the sitting room. A beautiful rug never goes to waste or out of style.

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